Mr. Chen Jianhua, Chairman of Jinggong Robotics, was awarded the title of " Outstanding Contributions of Talents and Scientific and Technological Progress in Keqiao District in 2020”
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/03/04


On the morning of February 25th, Keqiao District's education work "leading the race run" deployment was held in Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Shaoxing Center. The meeting commended "the outstanding contribution collective and individual of talent work and scientific and technological progress in Keqiao District in 2020", Mr. Chen Jianhua, chairman and general manager of Jinggong Robotics, was awarded the title of "individual outstanding contribution to talent work and scientific and technological progress in Keqiao District in 2020”.


At the beginning of 2020, when the epidemic was raging in corona virus, Mr. Chen was keen to grasp the market demand, accurately study and judge the market opportunities for epidemic prevention, and led the team transform and implement the "automatic mask production line" series of projects. In a very short time, he successfully developed a series of mask production lines and formed mass production, established a good corporate image and product reputation in the market, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

In recent years, under Mr. Chen's leadership, Jinggong robotics has always adhered to the management concept of "technological innovation and development ", worked hard to improve the scientific and technological strength and technological advantages of enterprises, actively trained and set up a contingent of scientific and technological talents, paying special attention to the introduction of a core technical team headed by outstanding experts from home and abroad, such as thousands of countries and thousands of provinces, and has absorbed a large number of professional R & D and production talents one after another, accounting for about 40% of the staff with bachelor degree or above. At the same time, Jinggong robotics on the road of innovation and development, has won a series of honors such as "Zhejiang leading innovation and entrepreneurship team", " Zhejiang manufacturing certification unit", “Shaoxing academician expert workstation", "Shaoxing enterprise research and development center " and so on.

In the future, Jinggong robotics will continue to adhere to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, take improving their independent innovation ability as the core, attach importance to the cultivation of innovative talents, and practice the goal of "increasing the total number of talents by index and enhancing the competitiveness of talents by index" in Keqiao District, and attract more like-minded talents from home and abroad to join the team of Jinggong robotics to break the dawn and step forward.