Accompany with beauty and walk with health—— Jinggong Science & Technology carries out series activities of 3.8 Women’s Day
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/03/08

In march, spring is getting stronger and the annual “3.8”international labor women’s day is coming again. In order to make female workers enjoy a full and meaningful festival, Jinggong Science & Technology has carried out a series of activities of 3.8 Women’s Day- “Spring flowers bloom, poetry and flower art” flower arranging activity and women’s health lectures. At the same time, the company union has prepared a wealth of welfare products for all female workers, and sent warmth and care to the majority of female workers.




On the morning of March 5th , more than 60 women workers of Jinggong Science & Technology gathered together to hold flower arranging competition. The flower art teacher first carried out flower arranging training, and teaches the flower arranging skills on site. Then, the contestants finish their own flower arranging works. The whole activity scene is full of strong love and laughter. The female workers have spent a memorable spring day in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. After the end of the competition, the jury composed by the flower teacher began a careful and careful selection. 11 flower arranging works were selected at the scene, and the vote was held at Wechat official account. After three days of online voting, the first prize 1 person, second prize 2 persons, and third prize 3 persons were finally selected.




On the morning of March 8th , the company invited Dr.Li Leping from the women and children health care hospital in Keqiao District, to give a lecture on women health for our female employees. Dr.Li shared the knowledge of caring for women health on the spot, taught the knowledge of women psychology, health care, disease prevention and screening of women of all ages, comprehensively improved the self-care awareness of women workers.

The company hopes to enrich the spare time life of female workers through this series of activities, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of female workers, promote the communication between female workers, so that female workers can put into work with a better mental outlook, actively play the role of half sky, and contribute their strength to the development of the company !