Raise the security guard consciousness, prevent network telecommunication fraud ——Jinggong to carry out anti-telecom fraud publicity activities
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/03/19

In recent years, network, telecom fraud cases are at higher risk, to popularize knowledge of preventing fraud, effectively raise the majority of employees of the network, telecom fraud crime identification and prevention ability, protect the employees' personal and property safety, on the morning of March 19, the Jinggong science and technology joint Huashe police station organized the "telecommunications fraud prevention network security awareness," campaign.


In the publicity activity, Huashe police station started with typical cases such as online mask buying fraud, online loan fraud, bill brushing fraud and other telecom fraud cases that occurred frequently during the epidemic period, analyzed the usual means of criminals, decided the ways of fraud, and shared the corresponding skills of fraud identification and prevention. Finally, the police remind everyone that the most important thing to prevent network telecommunications fraud is to do a good job of personal information confidentiality, do not disclose personal information, do not trust any network telephone, do not transfer, do not point open unknown links, call the police in a timely manner in suspicious circumstances, beware of being cheated.


Through this publicity activity, we have further enhanced the awareness and ability of our employees to prevent telecom network fraud, and built a solid barrier to prevent and crack down on network and telecom fraud.