Jinggong Participate in the 129th Canton Fair Webcast
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/04/22

April 15th,the 129th China Import and Export Commodities Fair officially opened online. It is the third time in the history of Canton Fair to be held online, Jinggong Science & Technology Steel Structure Machinery Branch was invited to participate in this Canton Fair, in the 10-day exhibition, through live broadcast, 3D, video, pictures, VR and other models, multi-form and multi-dimension to display of corporate brand and product image.


After the first two online Canton Fair groping, summing and promoting, we arranged more rules in this Canton Fair, through multiple network forms to display the latest products, actively enhance the online exhibition and negotiation experience of merchants. Every afternoon, with the opening of live broadcast and pushing activities, Jinggong’s foreign trade anchors shuttle in the workshop, or stand next to the machines, show the product while explaining in fluent English, harvest screen praise. Buyers around the world, led by the anchors and walk into the VR exhibition hall of Jinggong, office building, workshop, products are clearly showed in the screen, feel and understand our products from zero distance.


At present, in the face of global epidemic spread and other uncertain external environment, Jinggong continues to develop in the market, adhere to the" domestic and international double cycle "strategy, actively participate in the 129th Canton Fair, Alibaba online exhibition and other network exhibitions, in order to obtain a broader space for development, step up the" double cycle "pace.


The transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing and foreign trade industries is continuing, Jinggong Science & Technology will continue to expand both domestic and foreign markets and embrace new forms and channels more actively. At the same time, Jinggong will conform to the new development pattern, grasp the development opportunities, strive to enhance innovation ability, improve product quality, in order to move towards a broader future.