"Gathering the Youth Power and Building Jinggong Dream Together", the team activity held by JGST on May 4th
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/04/30

As the May Fourth Youth Day is approaching, in order to show the healthy and progressive spirit of the company’s young employees, and to create a vigorous and motivated youth team, the JGST Party Committee organized an activity with the theme of "Gathering the Youth Power and Building Jinggong Dream Together ", in the meantime, to also start related activities celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.


On April 28, over forty representatives of young employees from various departments went to the Buluowa base in Haining to participate in the team building activity. In the morning, under the leadership of the team building coach, a series of interesting team building projects were successively carried out. Set sail to warm up with a mini game to help everyone relieve the pressure of life and officially start a day full of vitality; in the process of forming small teams and creating team names and slogans, colleagues from different sub-branches and different departments get familiar and interact with each other in gradually enthusiasm; during the seaweed dance display session, everyone began to integrate into the small team, find the role in the team, and gather together as a whole team spirit. Later, during digital card finding, one-stop field, and tug-of-war competition, each team worked together more and more tacitly, the competition became more fierce, and there were endless cheers and laughter.



In the afternoon, each team carried out four activities within the group: on the primitive Saideke hunting grounds, standing, raising the bow, opening the bow and leaning on the string, aiming and shooting are all done in one go. They need to settle down to realize the combination of people, bows and arrows. Two-handed kayaking helps to establish a healthy lifestyle, maintain a good attitude, and test the ability of lasting enthusiasm and collaboration; the thrill of throbbing between the roar of the engine and the speed in the karts game; Finally, the highlight of the afternoon activity-Player Unknown's Battlegrounds mission, everyone walked out of the mobile game, immersed in the real version of the CS battle. Both sides of the battle are fully armed, wearing hats with signal receivers, holding laser guns, and are engaged in fierce battles as a team. They fight together in the "fire of guns and bullets", do not abandon or give up, advance and retreat together, and exercise team cohesion.



Amidst the laughter throughout the day, the short and compact team building activities came to a successful conclusion. Through this team building activity, the spirit of the May Fourth Movement was promoted, the youth creativity of young employees was condensed, and the potential of young employees was stimulated. I believe that everyone will better integrate their youth power into future work and build excellence together. The great dream of JGST.