Jingheng Data participates in Data Center Industry Exhibition
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/06/28


Recently, 2021 China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition and China data center green energy conference were held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the purpose of promoting the exchange, cooperative development and market expansion of data center industry, this exhibition focuses on the new products, new technologies, new equipment and experience of data centers at home and abroad, and is committed to promoting the healthy and rapid development of data centers in China. As a professional big data infrastructure solution provider in the industry, Jingheng Data was invited to participate in the exhibition. 


Under the wave of new infrastructure construction, data center is facing new opportunities and challenges. It needs supporting new technologies, new processes and solutions to popularize and deepen the application of the industry. With the theme of "ingenuity and wisdom to make the future", Jingheng Data carries "Jingyun 3000 micro module data center", "Jingyun 600 integrated cabinet", "Jingyun 2000 group level data center" and JMDKG-E series electric control cabinet, JHPD series precision cabinet and new type storage cabinet products appeared on the summit site, and showed the company's intelligent cabinet production line to the audience through the on-site large screen, attracting many experts and industry partners to visit. The company made full use of this exhibition opportunity to exchange and negotiate with the visiting merchants. The on-site visitors showed a strong interest in our products and a willingness to follow-up cooperation. At the same time, the company actively discusses and exchanges with industry colleagues to further learn about the product and technology development status of advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to better grasp the development trend and direction of big data industry. 


At present, the data center industry is in a new era of great development. Under the favorable background of national policy support and increasing customer demand, our company actively grasps the development trend of the data era, relies on years of accumulated experience in the field of intelligent equipment, focuses on the field of big data infrastructure, creates "new engine", displays "new trend", and shares "new opportunities". In the future, Jingheng Data will continue to adhere to the service concept of "technology as the core, market demand as the guidance, and customer satisfaction as our own responsibility", adhere to do a good job in products, strive to improve services, shine in the data wave, and contribute to the construction of a product, technology, and application community with all elements of the whole industrial chain of China's data center!