Master apprentice pairing ?From generation to generation---- Launching ceremony of Jinggong Science & Technology "teacher leading apprentice" activity was successfully held
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/07/22


In the middle of July, Jinggong technology's 2021 college students welcome meeting and "teacher leading apprentice" ceremony was held as scheduled in the conference room on the first floor of the administration building of the company headquarters. Deputy general manager and President of Jinggong Technology Research Institute Mr.Weiguojun, assistant general manager of Jinggong Technology Mr.Chen Liang, chief engineer of precision manufacturing Mr.Zhang Pengming, deputy general manager of carbon fiber branch of Jinggong Technology Mr.Fu Jiangen, deputy president of Jinggong Technology Research Institute Mr.Sun Hailiang, new employees and staff representatives attended the welcome meeting. 

New employees of 2021 college students set foot on the training journey

New employees start the road of pursuing dreams and realizing dreams

Benchmarking "new employee 369 on the job learning plan"

Mentoring to impart knowledge and solve doubts

Inheriting teacher's culture and boosting talent growth


First of all, Chen Liang, the assistant general manager of Jinggong technology, delivered a speech. Based on his own experience in learning from teachers, Mr. Chen explained the relationship between teachers and apprentices, the responsibility of mentoring and the significance of mutual growth. He stressed that the "mentoring" activity is a profound interpretation of the spirit of "inheritance". He hoped that the masters would teach patiently and pass on the "baton" without reservation; The disciples are diligent and eager to learn, practice hard, and make good use of "heirloom". The establishment of "teacher leading apprentice" mechanism is not only to help new employees change their identity and role as soon as possible, but also to deeply sow the concept of "respecting knowledge, skills and learning" into the hearts of every new elite, so as to create a new situation for the development of the company. 

Subsequently, human resources manager Zhu Yongyuan reiterated the requirements of 369 on-the-job training and apprenticeship related work. After that, the master and the apprentices expressed their positions one by one, and each promised that they would stick to the same words and deeds, and strive to fulfill the work responsibilities and obligations of the master and the apprentices: the master should teach the apprentices by words and deeds, fulfill their duties, and make a detailed training plan for the apprentices; The apprentices should correct their learning attitude, be brave in innovation, expression and exploration, and complete the role change as soon as possible. After the declaration, a one-to-one "master and apprentice" agreement was signed. 

Each disciple offered a cup of tea to the master

Respect teachers with tea

Modest and respectful

It is the friendship between teachers and apprentices, the respect for teachers, and the progress hand in hand 

At the scene of the activity, the Masters said one after another, "they will pass on their business skills and experience to the apprentices without reservation, and try their best to lead the apprentices well, so that the apprentices can get something from us and make them have no regrets when they join the apprentice." The apprentices also said on the spot, "they will cherish the fate of their teachers and apprentices, follow the instructions, move forward step by step towards the goal, and give back the great kindness of their masters and leaders with practical actions." 


Finally, Wei Guojun, vice general manager and President of Jinggong Science and Technology Research Institute, made a concluding speech. Mr. Wei expressed his admiration for the ceremony. The master could drink the tea, and the apprentice also expressed his most sincere respect. The ceremony was full of feelings and friendship. He said: "when master leads in, cultivation depends on individual.". What the master apprentice agreement signed is not only a promise, but also a heavy responsibility. I believe that in the future, teachers will carry forward the spirit of "pass, help and lead", and college students will be able to work hard to shoulder the mission and responsibility together. Finally, Mr. Wei hopes that the new employees will abide by the company's regulations, take safety measures, glow in their posts and contribute to the development of the company!