Professor Wang Hecheng from Zhejiang Creativity Research Society investigated Jinggong science and technology
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/07/22


On the morning of July 19, Professor Wang Hecheng, Vice President of Zhejiang Creation Research Association, accompanied by Ma Guoyong, Party Secretary of Keqiao District Science and Technology Association, conducted a research on Jinggong science and technology, also participating in the survey were Zhu Huanqiao, vice president and secretary general of the provincial research institute of creation, Yang Youdong, executive director, Chen Huanqing, vice president and secretary general of the provincial youth science and technology innovation association, as well as relevant leaders of Keqiao District Science and Technology Association and Industrial Design Association. Jin Yueshun, chairman of Jinggong science and technology, Wu Haixiang, general manager, Wei Guojun, vice general manager and president of the research institute, accompanied the company leaders.

Professor Wang and his delegation visited Jinggong Science and Technology Exhibition Hall and each workshop operation site first, understood the development history and industrial planning of our company, and listened carefully to the development situation of our company in the field of special equipment research and development, production, application and market expansion. Subsequently, the two sides had a discussion and exchange, in which Professor Wang and his delegation fully affirmed and recognized the development of Jinggong Technology, and at the same time, the two sides launched an in-depth discussion on topics such as talent management, scientific research power, industrial innovation and transformation.


Research experts believe that with the acceleration of intelligent transformation and digital transformation, industrial enterprises should, on the one hand, keep up with the development trend of the industry, actively explore the unmanned factory model based on big data analysis, vigorously promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and comprehensively improve the level of informatization, automation and standardization of the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, enterprises should also focus on intelligent hardware flexible manufacturing, increase the intelligent transformation of flexible production line, constitute a complete and organic system covering enterprise engineering design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, in order to achieve the overall high efficiency, high flexibility, high pressure resistance. The leader of our company also said that in the future, we will continue to make use of the advantages of various parties, deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, build a platform for industry-university-research cooperation, further create an intelligent manufacturing model, accelerate the digital transformation, and make greater contributions to the regional economic and social development while realizing its own good development!