Corporate employees united in the contact station
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2016/11/26

On the afternoon of November 18th, the meeting room of the Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. United Front Liaison Station was very lively. The first symposium after the establishment of the company's United Front Station was held here. After the brief opening of Fang Hongjuan, the head of the contact station, the staff representatives at the meeting spoke enthusiastically.

"Talent is the most important resource of the company. The United Front work should be based on the perspective of the company's employees. It is necessary to recognize the work of the employees and win the trust and support of the employees." Yu Huanqing, deputy manager of the research and development department of the company's research institute, suggested.

"As long as you take me seriously, your business is my business." The company's general manager, Cheng Hao, borrowed a popular phrase from the Internet to agree with Yu Huanqing's suggestion.

Lai Wen, who was named one of the "Top Ten Craftsmen" by Jinggong Group last year, said that "the united front is unity. Only unity can make a heart go to one place and make it to one place." This is what our company needs to develop and what is needed for national development."

Trust, unity, responsibility, dedication... Participants expressed their opinions and suggestions on the importance of united front work. This is the first symposium held by the liaison station since the establishment of the Tongzhi Liaison Station of Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. on October 26 this year. Through this meeting, the awareness of the company's employees on the united front work is slowly changing. From the strangeness at the beginning to the gradual understanding, the original thing is not related to the present, and now actively participates.

"In the past, I only knew that the united front was a matter of various ethnic parties. I did not expect that the employees of our private enterprises also became the object of the united front, indicating that the party and the government are paying more and more attention to private enterprises." The company’s deputy general Wei Guojun said, "Jinggong Technology In the future, we will use the scientific methods of work that meet the requirements of the times to fully support the development of the united front work."

It is reported that Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. United Operations Liaison Station is the first enterprise unified system work contact station established in Shaoxing. As a exploration and attempt of the united front work of private enterprises, the liaison station will actively play the role of bridges and ties, attract more management and technical talents and technical talents to join the united front team, so that the united front work in the new social economic organizations, in accordance with the consensus, The need to unite the people, unite wisdom, and gather strength, and contribute to the promotion of economic and social development and the maintenance of social harmony and stability.