Technical competition is close to reality and comprehensively promotes skill improvement
——The 8th Staff Technical Competition of Jinggong Technology has successfully concluded
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2016/12/15

Recently, under the care of the company's party committees and leaders at all levels, under the careful preparation of the leading groups of various types of work, Jinggong Technology's 8th Staff Technical Competition was successfully concluded. More than 400 employees participated in the competition. The project covers machinery. 9 types of work, including design, fitter, electrician, and electric welder.

The technical competition of the employees, the company has always been planning, organizing and implementing in accordance with the principle of fairness and justice, from the theoretical proposition to the actual operation, the design of the knowledge assessment point, the scoring of the theoretical examination and the actual operation review, the content is not only closer to reality, It also promotes skill improvement. The whole process of competition is strictly organized through the selection and recommendation, the theoretical examination preliminary contest, and the actual operation finals. The contest is based on the national vocational skill appraisal procedure.

In the past seven technical competitions, Jinggong Technology has cultivated and selected more than 170 technical backbones, of which 56 have won the title of “Technical Experts”. The continuous advancement of the company's technical competition activities has become an important platform for the vast number of employees to compete for skills, achieve skills exchange, and demonstrate their skills. It has also become an important way to train and discover various skilled talents and improve the quality of the workforce. It also stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of employees based on their own duties, learning knowledge, and skills. The company has formed a good working atmosphere of learning technology, practicing hard work, strong quality, and vying for the upper stream.