The Party Committee of Jinggong Science and Technology and the Party Building Construction of the Party Branch of the Bank of Shanghai Shaoxing Branch were successfully held
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2018/12/05

On the morning of December 3, the committee of the Zhejiang Jingjing Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands with the General Branch of the Shaoxing Branch of the Shanghai Bank of China Co., Ltd., and carried out “resource sharing, complementary advantages, cooperation and mutual benefit, and common” in the party member activity room on the third floor of the technology company. Improve the theme of the party building construction activities.

Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board Jin Yueshun, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Xia Qinghua, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer Huang Weiming, Party Secretary of Shanghai Bank Shaoxing Branch, Wang Jiannan, Chairman of the Party Branch, and Assistant President Feng Qiang Ten people participated in the event.

During the joint construction activities, the two parties introduced their respective party organizations and party building activities, and expressed their high recognition of each other's party building work, and proposed the idea of sharing high-quality resources and jointly carrying out special party classes, party members training, and special organization life meetings. The specific work of the joint construction activity plan will be implemented after the meeting.

In accordance with the principle of "integrating resources, helping each other, and seeking practical results", the two sides signed a party-building joint-building agreement with the establishment of party-building cooperation and cooperation as a platform to actively explore a new model of party-building cooperation. After the signing of the agreement, in order to promote the common progress of the party building work of both parties, the party general branch of the Shanghai Bank Shaoxing Branch also presented the party building books to the party committee of our company, and stressed that both sides hope to continuously strengthen theoretical study and keep pace with the times. At the end of the event, Wang Jiannan, the party secretary and president of the Bank of Shanghai Shaoxing Branch, visited the exhibition hall of our company and took a group photo in front of the party building wall.
The successful completion of the signing ceremony of the party-building joint construction is not only a useful exploration of innovative party-building and joint-building models, but also provides a new platform for further deepening cooperation and achieving win-win results.